Education Loan

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We avail Education Loan for:
- Pursuing higher education in Nepal, India or abroad for any graduation / post-graduation / professional course having employment prospects or other courses recognized by Ministry of Education.

Who Can Apply
- Employee intending to pursue educational qualification and/or attending training program having minimum age of 21 years as on the date of application
- Individual whose spouse is pursuing higher education

- Financing up to 75% of total cost of education including tuition fee and accommodation
- Tenure up to 7 Years (including moratorium of 1 year) on Equal Monthly Installment Basis
- Interest Rate of 10.50% to 15.00%

Required Document
- Document confirming admission of the student, proof of admission, scholarship, studentship, enrollment confirmation etc.
- Details of Expenses of Education for full course period, schedule of expenses for the specified course, fees, invoice etc.
- Further cash flow details for repayment assurance, proof of income from employer/individual acceptable to bank
- Proof of Income

* Salary Certification by employer, in case of salaried individuals,
* Income Tax Returns certified by competent auditor in case of self-employed or a professional
- Proof of Identity – Citizenship certificate, Voters ID, Passport or Driving License

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