Short Term Loan

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We avail Short Term Loan for:
- Financing for fulfillment of short term business requirement

Who Can Apply
- Business Entities (Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms and Limited Companies.)

- Tenure of maximum 6 Months, Renewable as per business performance
- Interest Rate of 11.00% - 15.50% p.a.

Required Document
- Loan Application along with business profile.
- Entity Registration Certificate and its renewal where required.
- Tax/PAN registration certificate and its renewal where required.
- Citizenship certificate of the Borrower, Guarantor(s), Proprietor, Partners or Directors
- Certified copy of :

* Partnership Deed in case of partnership firm.
* Memorandum and Article of Association in case of companies or
* Relevant constitution document of the borrower.
- Board resolution authorizing :
* Borrowing and execution of the security documents and Delegation of authority to the director in case of company
* Consent of all partners and the power of attorney in case of partnership firm
* Audited Financial Statements for last 3 years for on-going venture
* Provisional financial statements for new venture.
* Pro-forma invoice/quotations in case of import/procurement of raw materials/goods

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